The Armenian PSA would like to invite teachers, who are looking for eTwinning project partners to take part in this eTwinning seminar.
eTwinning seminar is a great opportunity to meet like-minded teachers from different countries, share ideas, find partners and create or participate in various interesting projects.
Our seminar’s title is “Learning and respecting intercultural values”, which means the themes of projects will include history, culture, art, ICT, language and literature, citizenship, religion and etc.
We invite those teachers to take part in our seminar, whose students are 10-18 years old.
The working language will be English. Don’t forget to bring your own devices.
Don’t miss this opportunity and Welcome to Armenia.

NOTE for foreign participants:

Only teachers, who have been chosen by the National Support Service can register to the seminar.
If you are interested in participation, please contact the National Support Service of your country.