International seminar in Bratislava

img_0010An international eTwinning seminar was hold in Bratislava, Slovakia on October 6-8, 2016 attended by more than 60 teachers of European 12 countries and representatives from National Support Services.

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The best projects 2015

maria3Maria Lisitsina National 1st prize winner Project name: eTwinEaster Fun Member countries: Bulgaria, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Ukraine, UK, Romania, Poland, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Armenia Age range: 3-11 Awards: NQL, EQL         …Read more →

Study visit to Poland

4Four Armenian teachers, who are also first Armenian ambassadors of eTwinning Plus, accompanied by PSA member Tatevik Yapunjyan, were on a study visit in Poland, Warsaw, from 9-14 of September.

The program for the Armenian delegation included presentations made by the Polish ambassadors and NSS members, during which Armenian teachers were given practical examples on the role and duties of the ambassadors, about their daily life and their cooperation between teachers and NSS members. They were also introduced the methods and techniques of the organization and maintenance of online courses and workshops.…Read more →

International eTwinning Seminar in Aghveran


In the frames of eTwinning program a contact seminar was organized jointly by the Armenian and Ukrainian eTwinning partner support agencies in Aghveran on July 17-18, 2015, which united participant teachers and representatives from Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Slovakia, Austria, United Kingdom and Armenia. The eTwinning program and its opportunities were introduced by the PSA representatives and experienced teachers. The participants were given advices on how to find new partners and implement collaborative projects, get national quality and European labels. Many interesting interactive media tools were presented during the seminar. The participants made arrangements on how to activate the joint works for supporting teachers and implementing collaborative projects.Read more →