Dear colleagues,
An eTwinning seminar, named “How to create a good collaborative eTwinning project?”, will be held in the Slovak Republic, Bratislava on April 4-6m 2019.
Teachers and NSS members from Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Italy, Latvia, Lebanon, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia and Armenia will attend the seminar.
Teachers dealing with the students at the ages of 10-16 will take part in this seminar.
The seminar aims:
a) to meet the peers from the participant countries and share experience and
b) to create a collaborative project as a result of joint discussions.

We kindly ask to apply the teachers, registered on the eTwinning portal, who meet the following requirements:
a) have sufficient knowledge of English (at least Intermediate level),
b) have been registered on the eTwinning portal not earlier that January 1, 2017,
c) have not participated in international events (seminars, conferences, workshops) within the framework of eTwinning,
d) the participation in project/projects will be regarded as an advantage.
All interested teachers are invited to follow the link and submit the application form until. March 7, 2019.
In case of any question, please contact National Center for Educational Technologies (Tel. 00374578453).

Registration form