The final conference of the European schools eTwinning program and “Schools collaboration virtual community” national program took place in Elite Plaza Business Center on December 17, 2017. Deputy Minidter of RA MoES Manuk Mkrtchyan, RA MP, Member of the Standing Committee on Science, Education, Youth and Sport Ruzanna Muradyan, representatives of partner organizations, teachers and pupils of the participant schools attended the conference.
Projects, implemented throughout 2017 were presented at the conference. Also National Quality Label award ceremony 2017 was held at the conference, during which prizes and certificates were awarded to the schools and teachers with the most active participation during the year.
The RA Deputy Minister congratulated all the participants of the program on the integration in the School collaboration international virtual community. “The interest of schools towards this program rises year by year, and this indicates that we, in the face of eTwinning, have a very good example of international cooperation”, stated M. Mkrtchyan in his speech.
MP R. Muradyan highly appreciated the initiative approach in the education sector, highlighting the eTwinning program as one of the positive outcomes. “The program enables teachers and pupils to become members of the educational projects and to express themselves on the international platforms, meeting modern requirements”, mentioned the MP.
The monitoring of eTwinning and “School Collaboration Virtual Community” national programs conducts RA MoES National Center of Educational Technologies (NCET). According to the NCET Director Artak Poghosyan, the participation of the Armenian schools in the eTwinning program is constructive and contributes to the enhancement of school collaboration, foreign language proficiency of teachers and pupils and the development of information and communication technology (ICT) and teamwork skills.
“The participation of the Armenian schools in eTwinning started in 2013. If until 2017 eTwinning projects were implemented in the European languages, then since 2017 we were granted the opportunity to carry out collaborative projects also in Armenian and “School Collaboration Virtual Community” national program was launched. This program enables teachers with insufficient foreign language skills to implement their projects with the Armenian schools. We, however, encourage the implementation of projects in foreign languages, as the implementation of entirely Armenian-language projects isolates the school, because the cooperation takes place only among the Armenian schools”, said A. Poghosyan, hoping that the number of schools integrated in the eTwinning program will increase to 800 in 2018. Currently, 233 schools and 1100 teachers participate in the program.
The website and the Facebook page were developed and are maintained to provide information on the program.
Project-winners of the award ceremony 2017 were announced Lilit Gharibyan (6-10 age range category), teacher from Byurakn educational complex and Hamlet Khumaryan (11-15 age range category), principal of Vanadzor N4 basic school.
Best teachers with outstanding achievements in 2017 were announced Armine Safaryan (Tairov secondary school, 1st place), Naira Nahapetyan (Mrgavan secondary school, 2nd place) and Lusine Bush (Yerevan “Mkhitar Sebastatsi” ed. Complex, 3rd place).
Encouraging prizes were awarded to a number of active teachers and schools.